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DEA Contract Joins Mazcorp to supply its services to the UAE and Qatari markets
02 Nov 2014

DEA Contract, which is one of Italy's leading interior design and Fit-out Contracting Companies had recently joined forces with Mazcorp Group to serve the UAE and Qatar market requirements under DEA Contract Middle East.

Dea Contract has always based its vision of preject on the search for quality.
The Dea Contract managerial and technical expertise provide systems and furnishing for all types of commercial, residential, and hospitality projects.

Dea Contract is a highly skilled company specialized in carrying out iconic projects all over the world, creating furnishings for hotels and resort, restaurants, residences, store and boutique, cruise liners and head offices. Each division support team of architects and technical experts is able to collaborate in a constructive and dynamic fashion with designers and construction companies or shipbuilders in the development and creation of interior fittings and furnishings, using both the mass produced designs modified to specific request, and creating to order.

The Dea Contract Team provide all the assistance needed to complete the project successfully, including our "ready to use" package.


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