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Mazcorp is proud to announce the birth of Mazglaze
08 Feb 2012

The Mazglaze doors are open and they are alive and kicking in Abu Dhabi……

“Mazcorp are proud to announce the birth of their new family member!”

Check them out at www.mazglaze.com

Mazglaze has been born in the UAE to bring amazing exciting new services to clients.

You want Solutions to your problems then Mazglaze give you the answers.

  • Greener Planet solutions for glass giving the customer both a reduction in Carbon Footprint and also a payback period due to A/C usage being reduced.


  • IF WE CANNOT REPAIR YOUR GLASS DAMAGE THEN OUR SERVICE IS FREE. Scratched and damaged windows caused during fitting or cleaning can be repaired without any need for removal leaving the glass in a perfect condition. Saving clients around 80% on the cost of replacing windows.


  • World Leading Solar Window Film can be fitted to your glass leaving the window appearance almost unchanged whilst rejecting Solar Heat,UV and reducing glare.
  • Hotels and Office Windows can be fitted with Bomb Blast Film to save lives in event of an explosion by retaining the glass in the frames. This is done as an upgrade to your current glass whilst in position. Solar solutions can also be incorporated into this system which will give clients a payback period.


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