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Military Equipments


To ensure social and economic stability, and safeguard against negative consequences resulting from critical infrastructure and industrial collapse, we provide our partners in government and the private sector the best integrated security systems and defense equipment.

Mazcorp Defense is in a unique position to help global defense companies to secure orders from the region’s governments.


Aircraft Sales

Aircraft Acquisitions

Aircraft Leasing

Military Aerospace

Mazcorp Aerospace has an extensive network of partners,  aircraft manufacturers, brokers  and spare parts suppliers. Our staff and network of partners work closely with our customers to provide quality sales and service to meet the goals of the companies represented.


Main Areas Of Work

Specialized Divisions

Mazcorp Construction is a leading infrastructure construction services company operating throughout the MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA. Mazcorp Construction partners with leading companies in this fast growing and key sector for the construction of public and private sector developments. Our projects range from construction of public buildings and public transport facilities, including roads and bridges, to large commercial office towers, factories and industrial plants. We have a team of sector specific engineering and construction specialist working with Mazcorp to ensure turnkey solutions for any major construction project.

Oil & Gas

Offshore Construction

Onshore Construction

Drilling & Well Services

Mazcorp Oil & Gas is focused on securing business opportunities for leading Oil & Gas EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies. We are committed to providing the best in class service to our partners and customers. Our range of activities extends from the supply of equipment and components, design and engineering services as well as construction of both upstream and downstream facilities. Mazcorp is selective in its partner choice and places great emphasis on implementing the highest standards in quality assurance with careful consideration given to the environmental policies and track record of our partners.


Geospatial information

Integrated Sensor Transmitter chip

Fiber Optic System Design and Installation

Advanced Tracking GPRS Technology

The experienced Mazcorp team focuses on specialist Information and Technology


      Geospatial information 

      Integrated Sensor Transmitter chips

      Fiber Optic System Design and Installation

      Advanced Tracking GPRS Technology

    > BMTA - Biometric Multi-Technology Authentication

Power & Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy


As the Middle East and African economies experience successive years of economic growth the need for efficient and environmentally friendly power has become a key priority. As power demand increases the region will need to build more power plants and efficient transmission and distribution networks. Mazcorp Energy has partnered with some of the world’s leading power EPC companies for the successful engineering, development and construction of power generation plants, distribution and transmission grids.



Within the healthcare sector we supply an extensive range of medical accessories including, disposable medical gloves, gauze sponges, face masks, bouffant caps, tongue depressors, dental bibs, dental needles, dental materials, hypodermic needles, insulin syringes, safety syringes, and many more.  Our product range meets the exacting requirements of healthcare professionals.