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MAZCORP is an Abu Dhabi-based international investment and development company having partnerships with multi-international companies and expertise specialized in different business segments. With an unmatched reach across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Middle East,Central Asia,and Africa,Mazcorp makes a range of investments and secures profitable opportunities for some of the world’s leading companies in today’s world’s most dynamic and fastest growing regions.

Mazcorp has an extensive network of partners and associates that include investment bankers, financiers, lawyers, consultants and decision makers within government agencies and many of the major organizations and corporations throughout the region. Mazcorp works closely with these trusted and experienced advisors to secure new profitable opportunities for its carefully selected partners.

Mazcorp focuses on specific key industrial and business sectors where it leverages its expertise as well as its strategic and extensive relationships.

Our Vision

Our Vision is inspired by the foresight and initiative of the late H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan in contributing to serve and build the country.

إن عملية التنمية والبناء والتطوير لا تعتمد على من هم في مواقع المسؤولية فقط بل تحتاج إلى تضافر كل الجهود لكل مواطن على أرض هذه الدولة ."

"The process of development and construction and development does not depend on those in positions of responsibility only, but you need to combine all the efforts of each citizen in this country"

Mazcorp focuses on specific key industrial and business sectors where it leverages its expertise as well as its strategic and extensive relationships.


Our business activities are divided into  different areas of operation through Mazcorp’s subsidiaries and partners.



   Oil & Gas



   Power and Renewable Energy

   Medical Supplies


         Mazcorp, your preferred partner for success in the Middle East and Africa.



Abu Dhabi 

literally Father of Gazelle,  Abu Dhabi is the Capital of the UAE, and the largest of the seven Emirates, constituting over 85% of the nation's total land area.
Abu Dhabi possesses 10% of the world's oil 5% of its gas reserves, and produces 90% of oil in the U.A.E. The generated income has been purposely invested to create a first class infrastructure and flourishing modern metropolis.
At the same time great effort has been taken to protect Abu Dhabi's natural scenic beauty and to preserve the authentic spirit of Arabia.
Abu Dhabi offers its cosmopolitan population the chance to pursue a very attractive lifestyle. One in which all the amenities and conveniences of modern living are available in the pleasant surroundings of a sun-kissed, waterfront city, and abundant parks and tree-lined boulevards.
Abu Dhabi offers a variety of beautiful landscapes. Lush and verdant with large gardens and parks it is known as the Green State whilst also being the location of the world's largest sand dunes. In addition there are nearly 200 islands around Abu Dhabi, offering some of the most natural untouched beaches in the region.
With a population of 1.6 million, and 87% of the UAE land area, Abu Dhabi is the center of government and business life in the UAE.
Abu Dhabi International Airport, for ease of use, ranks among the best airports in the Arab world. Within an eight hour radius of the city, business professionals and holiday makers alike can reach a vast array of cities and international destinations.

The stratigic location of Abu Dhabi provides unmatched logistics capability by air, sea, and land transport. Your cargo will reach any corner of the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia in a safe, timely, and cost efficieent manner.   
The city is a unique mix of traditional Arabian charm and cosmopolitan sophistication. Combined with its beautiful beaches, fantastic shopping and top international resorts Abu Dhabi City an ideal place to live, work or visit.


Why Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi is home to important financial institutions such as the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates and the corporate headquarters of many companies and numerous multinational corporations. One of the world's largest producers of oil, Abu Dhabi has actively attempted to diversify its economy in recent years through investments in financial services and tourism.


Top Reasons for Doing Business in Abu Dhabi


Robust Economy
Abu Dhabi’s gross domestic product (GDP) nearly touched $100 billion in 2006, rising 21.7% at current prices over the previous year.  The emirate has achieved an average GDP growth of 25% per year since 2002, with the years 2004 and 2005 growing by an estimated 31% and 38%, respectively. A per-capita GDP exceeding $68,000 casts Abu Dhabi among the world’s wealthiest countries or city states such as Luxembourg, Ireland and United States.

Political and Economic Stability
Hereditary rule in the emirate of Abu Dhabi ensures that its economic agenda are broadly insulated from fickle political issues and its forward-looking economic policies have won the confidence of its Middle Eastern neighbours as well as those of numerous Western countries. Long-time investors in Abu Dhabi include multinational companies which are headquartered in the US, Germany, Canada, UK, France, Switzerland and Australia, amongst others. Furthermore, respect of law prevails among residents resulting in near zero crime rates.


Virtually Tax Free Business Environment
Corporate taxes are reserved only for branches of foreign banks and oil-producing companies in Abu Dhabi. A negligible 5% tariff is imposed on goods imported from non-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, although.


Proximity to Growth Regions
One of the most strategic advantages that Abu Dhabi offers investors is its proximity to the world’s fastest growing regions namely, Asia, Europe and Africa. Collectively these regions comprise over 3.2 billion people with a collective GDP in excess of $18 trillion, thus, forming an explosive reservoir of economic and trading activities, featuring the world’s most populous and growth-hungry economies – China and India - as well as other oil-rich countries such as Russia.

Intellectual Property Protection
The UAE has existing laws that protect against infringement of intellectual property, as well as patents and trademark. The country is also a member of international bodies, treaties and conventions that protect the same, namely, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), World Trade Organization, Paris Convention, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), WIPO Copyright Treaty, WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT) and the Rome Convention.


Communications infrastructure such as mobile and fixed telephone as well as Internet access is on par, if not better, than the world’s biggest international business hubs. The emirate’s logistics infrastructure is undergoing a massive upgrade designed to create one of the world’s biggest and most efficient cargo handling centres.

100% Repatriation of Profit and Capital
The newly-formed industrial clusters in Abu Dhabi’s special economic zones ensure zero-risk in the repatriation of capital and profits, besides 100% business ownership and tax holidays.

Multi-national HR
Investors immensely benefit from an abundant supply of human resource skills, courtesy of professionals migrating to the emirate from nearly every country in the globe as well as the increasing number of UAE nationals that are joining the private sector.

Government Services

Foreign investors looking to set up a business in one of Abu Dhabi’s industrial cities or special economic zones have access to a one-stop-shop government services unit. The Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones boasts zero red-tape, offering quick turn-around in terms of business registration and visa processing, besides 100% ownership, tax exemptions and repatriation of capital and profits. 
Those who prefer to operate their business outside the designated special economic zones, however, are subject to a general procedure involving the Abu Dhabi Municipality Licensing Committee and the Department of Planning and Economy. These agencies process trade license applications, once the required trade name has been approved by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The entire procedure follows a streamlined approach, where trade name reservation, trade license approval, partner details review and payment of fees could be completed within several weeks.
Some specialized industries are also required to register with other agencies including the Central Bank (banking and finance companies), the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (insurance companies), Ministry of Finance and Industry (manufacturing) or the Ministry of Health (pharmaceutical products). All operating businesses are further required to register with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



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